My Vision for the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office is to build upon the life’s work of Sheriff Clyde Smith and move the office forward with equipment, personnel, and programs which will ensure the safety of our citizens. As Bryan County continues to experience exponential growth, we must be proactive in strategically planning for the future.

Department preparedness for any situation should be the basic expectation of every taxpayer and as Sheriff, my goal is to not only meet, but also exceed expectations.

Department Growth

As Sheriff, I will endeavor to maintain our funded and authorized staffing levels, while instituting a professional system for hiring and promotions. I want to establish a career development plan to focus on retention of current employees and recruitment of new staff. I will work diligently to hire Deputies, Correctional Officers, Dispatchers, and civilian support staff worthy of your trust and tax dollars.

I will also work to promote department morale by seeking input and encouraging an open line of communication among staff.

Modernized Equipment & Training

To be effective in their role of protecting and serving, our uniformed Deputies need the most advanced equipment and technology. As Sheriff, I will work to ensure that our staff have updated equipment, including in-car and body cameras, in-car computers, and updated weapons. To augment taxpayer funding and offset costs for these innovative programs, our office will seek grants, cooperative agreements, and private foundation support.

During my tenure at Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, I have attended numerous training exercises and certification classes. This has afforded me the opportunity to be a better public servant and serve the community more effectively.   As Sheriff, I will work to ensure that all deputies within the Sheriff’s Office have the same training opportunities, including programs through the FBI Academy and Command College. A well-educated and trained deputy will always provide superior service to the community.


I will work to ensure that our Deputies have the most modern technology and resources to communicate both within the department and with all first responders in the county.

Communication with the Bryan County community is equally as important to me. As Sheriff, I want to create and maintain a plan to streamline communication between the Sheriff’s office, local businesses, and the community.  This plan includes an updated website and the use of social media to increase public awareness of department initiatives.  Additionally, I want to establish a Community Advisory Council to help build relationships with residents and provide an avenue to offer suggestions and provide feedback to the department.

Drug Epidemic

As Sheriff, one of my highest priorities will be to create a plan of action to address the drug problem in our community. I want to improve law enforcement efforts by creating a local Drug Task Force. I envision a multi-departmental effort that will include working in conjunction with the Pembroke and Richmond Hill Police Departments. My plan also includes a proactive data-driven prevention program that will bring community agencies, partners, and stakeholders to the table to address this issue. Treatment programs and mental health services must be a priority. I will join current community efforts to help advocate for these much-needed services. This plan must be a multi-pronged approach that will not only hold criminal offenders accountable, but will also serve to educate our parents and youth in prevention and treatment options for rehabilitation.

Additionally, I want to work with the existing Atlantic Judicial Circuit Drug Court to help support the program and expand services into Bryan County.   This would not only serve to help alleviate the caseloads of both our State and Superior courts, but it would also provide treatment and rehabilitation opportunities for eligible offenders.

Department Accreditation

My ultimate goal for our department is to begin working towards the accreditation process. The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) is the gold standard for law enforcement agencies. CALEA Accreditation will increase the Sheriff’s Office ability to prevent and control crime through effective and efficient delivery of services.  It will also enhance the community’s understanding of the Sheriff’s office, including its goals and objectives.

Accreditation, in conjunction with the philosophy of community policing, commits the department to a broad range of programs (such as crime prevention) that directly benefit the public. It also serves as a yardstick to measure the effectiveness of the department’s programs and services. Accreditation ensures that the services provided are defined and uniformity of service is assured, plus it also streamlines operations, providing more consistency and more effective deployment of department manpower.

Accreditation is a coveted accomplishment that symbolizes professionalism, excellence, and competence. Residents and Employees alike will take pride in the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department, knowing that it represents the very best in law enforcement.